The George

An elegant British-style pub with a tasty menu and air conditioning

Rua do Crucifixo, 58
+351 213 460 596, website
Daily, 12h – 2h

For an elegant space that respects its patrons’ anonymity, the George is a welcome addition to Rua Crucifixo. It’s fancy without the fuss (there’s a hair-straightener in the lady’s bathroom, FYI). Your tab will be a little on the steep side if you opt for menu items like the beef tartare, but if you’re there to drink, you won’t find yourself in the red. They’ve got almost all the incarnations of our favorite Portuguese IPAs and a generous menu of imports, graciously classified by type and not by brand. Thursday nights there’s a polyglot chanteuse crooning anything from Amalia to Piaf to the Police. Atlas recommends sitting at the bar in possibly the most comfortable barstools this side of Manhattan. If there’s a footie game on, it might be worth getting there a bit early to stake your claim. Better you than them!


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