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The Week em Breve – February 14

This week's English language news in Lisbon, Portugal: Women Workers, the Sole of China, Covering Famous People in Shrimp, TAP's Many Failings, Record Tourists, and much more!

Welcome to the Week em Breve! This Week’s News in Portugal: Women Workers, the Sole of China, Covering Famous People in Shrimp, TAP’s Many Failings, Record Tourists, and much more! 

Lisbon English Language News Portugal Lisboa

Women in Science and Engineering
Portugal the Progressive, as it may well come to be known, has once again shown its worth as more than half of all engineers and scientists in the country are women. According to newly released Eurostat data from 2017, that is equal to 184,000 women — the fourth highest rate among EU member states and 10% higher than the EU average, which stands at 41%.

The Young Folk Are Back at Work
Speaking of work, the number of young people neither studying nor working is at a historical low! Less than one in ten people between 15 and 34 were so-called “nem-nem” in 2018, which is the lowest rate since records began in 1998. This is a drop of 1.3% since 2017 and a considerable reduction from the peak of 17.1% in 2013.

Portugal Steps up Shoe Exports to China
Portugal is famous for many things, one of which is shoes. And it’s catching on in China where the market for them grew 60% in volume and 71.58% in value. This is despite a drop in national footwear exports of 2.65% last year and shows the drive for diversification of markets.

Lather the Famous Folk in Shrimp Shells, Researches Say
Science is never boring, but it is especially exciting when the projects have names like “Bionanosculp.” And the product they’re developing most certainly lives up to the decidedly badass name — nanoparticles extracted from shrimp shells that will create a protective layer over Portugal’s sculptures. The project is attempting to protect the monuments in an “effective, more sustainable and less toxic” way, and a seafood-industry by-product seems like a great solution.

Economic Growth Drives Car Loans
Last year saw a record amount of money given in car loans, with €2.8 billion lent by the end of November. This brings the total up to €6.1 billion spread across 830,000 families — a historical high. This has been attributed to more optimistic consumers who, because of lower unemployment and higher economic growth, are more willing to make large purchases on credit.

TAP Falls Back Into the Red
Not everyone is doing so well, however, with TAP reporting loses that total tens of millions of euros. The negative report has been blamed on the price of oil, compensation for delays, increased personnel, and a strained relationship with the ANA Aeroportos de Portugal. This is a considerable drop since 2017’s €21.2 million profit, which was the first time the company was in the black in a decade.

Portugal Sees Record Number of Tourists
The records keep rolling in, with Portugal receiving 12,762,532 foreign tourists in 2018 — a record high and a 0.4% increase on 2017. However, this is a very small increase compared to the previous year, with a jump of 12% between 2016 and 2017. That said, the number of domestic tourists increased and the total number of tourists surpassed 21 million for the first time. Despite these increases, the number of nights guest stay actually fell while revenue went up.

PSP Comes Down Hard on Irresponsible Scooter Riders
A police operation that involved 1,109 officers and the inspection of 1,472 bicycles and scooters — entitled operation “Risco Mínimo” — resulted in the detention of 12 people. Six of these were arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and there were also 528 misdemeanors and 618 other infractions registered. You have been warned!

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