The Yes Men Prank the Web Summit as adidas

The Web Summit gets a taste of the merry pranksters trying to bring a light where the sun don't shine...

The Yes Men, the loveable social activists and professional pranksters from our hometown (hi, Jacques!), struck the largest tech conference in the world. They were selling adiCoin. To make the smart and wealthy Web Summit attendees even wealthier while helping underpaid adidas workers have an excellent virtual life in the adiverse. By having them wear implanted microchips. All pitched with the help of DJ Marshmello and a breakdancing crew.

With so much b.s. and a very disturbing video presentation featuring bananas in compromising situations and the QAnon Shaman, you’d think even the Web Summit attendees would cringe, but apparently not many did.

“Despite ‘Aristide’s’ explicit, slide-assisted descriptions of adidas’s Nazi origins and ‘outsourcing’ to forced labor in WWII, their ‘almost’ solved child-labor problems, and their current workplace abuses (full text with footnotes here) — not to mention the horrific video overhead — the thousand-strong audience simply applauded, then crowded ‘Marshmello’ for autographs,” the Yes Men said in a statement.

(Extra kudos for hiring the Lisbon Breakers for that dance-off.)

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