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Toca do Grilo

A touch of the grill on a “piano of pork” is just the thing at this roadside restaurant. 

Rua Pedro Costa Lt 4
Charneca da Caparica
21 296 0021
Daily, 9h – 23h

In Charneca, it’s easy to find good food, but not easy to find a nice ambiance when sitting next to the busy Rua Pedro Costa. This spot has used the pandemic to its advantage as, according to the owner, the chef got bored from the closure and decided to plant his own garden from which to make the restaurant more sustainable. And it worked. The tomato vines and strawberry bushed shield your view from the street as you sit in the shade of a large umbrella munching away at your fish of the day or simply sipping your meia de leite. Highly recommended for lunch away from the bustling beach.

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