Get Medieval on Your Drink

By flor
By flor
Trobadores – Taberna Medieval  €€ 
Rua de São Julião, 27
218 850 329 website
Mon – Thu, 12h – 2h; Fri, 12h – 4h, Sat, 14h – 4h, Sun, 14h – 2h

Who doesn’t enjoy drinking anything alcoholic from a mug while expertly poking a chouriço assado (flaming sausage) with your own instrument of torture? Look no further, the peasant-shirt wearing wenches at this medieval tavern have what you need. Heavy wooden tables laden with thick earthenware cups and plates take you back to a no-frills era. With a decent food menu and the option to drink your mead from a horn- yes, a horn, this is a great place to escape the rain or simply to rest between points A and B. The bonus is that it’s not completely medieval, as they have taken the best from more recent centuries and supplied their guests with (two!) bathrooms. Parking for horses not available. Bar songs welcome. Oitava Colina on tap. Yes, you read that right.


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