RIP – Viking Bar and Discoteca

A must for good dancing and a spanking.

A must for good dancing and a spanking (yes)

Rua Nova do Carvalho, 1-7
Cais do Sodré
+351 213 426 468
Mon – Sat, 23h – 4h; Sun, closed

As one of the many internationally-named neon sign dance clubs in Cais do Sodré, something quite special happens between 1h and 3h most nights, and her name is Fabiana (if you’re lucky and the new girl isn’t on instead). If you are a man who needs a good spanking, be sure to sit at the back near the stage. This very flexible and talented stripper is well known in the city, so much so that it is better to get into the club 1/2 hour before showtime, as plenty of boys begin to queue up outside. The music is your typical mix of ’80s, ’90s and more current tracks, but it’s not always about the music, is it? As this is not a corporate style club, the price at the door varies if they charge you at all, but you always get at least one or two free drinks upon entry.


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