RIP – Vinho sem Princípio

Check your principles at the door. You won't need them here.

Check your principles at the door. You won’t need them here.

Rua da Alfândega, 112
+351 218871068, website
Mon – Thu, 12h30 – 24h; Fri – Sat, 12h30 – 1h; Sun, 12h30 – 24h

Vinho sem Princípio (Wine Without Principles) is a modern tavern with a very attentive staff and a wine list that makes you blush before you drink. There are prix fixe menus of about seven courses to choose from for very reasonable prices, and they allow you to split them if you’re in it for variety not volume. Want to pick and choose? They’ve got oodles of tapas and tábuas (boards) of traditional and re-imagined basics. It’s a great place to take a visitor who might be skeptical about bochechas (pork cheeks) — theirs are on point. Most impressive of all is their selection of wines. It’s one of the few places in Lisbon that carries Tannat. So far, this is the only place we have seen it sold. Atlas is starting to think wine without principles just tastes better.


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