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RIP – Talk, Play a Board Game, Chill…

wanliWanli €

Calçada do Marquês de Abrantes, 82, Madragoa
216 031 562

UPDATE June 2018: This place is under renovation and who knows what will come…

For a glass of wine (or a selection from their well-hidden full bar at the back), this is a comfy little hole-in-the-wall in Madragoa with living room-style seating surrounded by tin soldiers, miniature racing, cars and even an ancient stack of games like parcheesi and Chinese checkers.

Expect to pay next to nothing for beer and wine, and after a chat, you might just get the next one free. The owner usually posts up outside the front door chain smoking, but don’t let his cool demeanor deter you from going inside – he’s probably just debating whether or not you are a fan of board games.

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