Where to Buy Costumes in Lisbon

Most of the lojas chînesas (Chinese shops) around town carry basic Santa suits at Christmas time and cheap cowboy hats year-round, but sometimes you need something a little more serious to get you turning heads at a masquerade.

Updated October 2023.

Whether intended for Carnaval, Halloween, or it’s a Tuesday and you’re bored, there are a few places around town where you can get a costume or a last-minute glue-on mustache. Of course, most of the lojas chînesas (Chinese shops) carry basic Santa suits at Christmas time and cheap cowboy hats year-round, but sometimes you need a high-quality top hat or a wig that won’t shed all over you or your loved one as soon as it’s out of the box.

To be clear, if you’re in the market for some bedroom attire, you should check out Koisas d’Adultos shops or ask your friendly neighborhood stripper. The below costume shops are mostly for outdoor wear, though some of them might offer a side room full of less cutesy stuff. Happy hunting.

A Casa do Carnaval
Tv. Nova de São Domingos 10, Baixa
+351 213 428 566, website
Mon – Sat, 10h – 19h; Sun, closed
Here you can find wigs, hats, headbands, and pretty much any accessory you can imagine, which is surprising considering the shop is not a large one. Since it’s in Baixa, it’s the easiest shop to get to for your face paint, crazy tights, party hats, masks, lanterns, you name it. This business has been around for over 125 years, so obviously they know what they’re doing and they do it right. Their staff is knowledgeable and can help you find what you need or recommend a decent substitute if they don’t have exactly what you’re searching for. Helpful hint: If you’re into more, how shall we say… alternative lifestyle toys, gifts, and costumes, check the back room. Ahem.

Rua do Telhal 6A, Avenida
+351 210 966 480, website *NEW SHOPS OPENED IN SETE RIOS AND PAREDE! Click here to see all locations.
Daily, 10h – 20h
Don’t go in expecting high-end costume pieces, because you will be disappointed. This is a chain costume shop where you can find pre-packaged, ready-made Star Wars costumes, witch hats and brooms, pirate booty, and even the elusive banana costume – that’s right, the stuff dreams are made of. Sure it’s meant to be worn once, but sometimes that’s good enough. You can count on this shop for fake eyelash glue, cake makeup, and fake blood and the odd trimming that might set your costume apart. Also noteworthy: If you’re looking for helium balloons or party supplies, look no further!

Mistérius Artigos de Festas
Rua Heróis da Grande Guerra 10A, São João da Talha, Loures
+351 219 943 422, website
Daily, 9h – 20h
Yes, this spot is outside of the city center, but it’s full of costumes and magic…yes, magic. Not only does this costume superstore have high-quality masks and costumes, as well as their cheaper versions, but it also carries juggling clubs, magic tricks, and top hats (without the white rabbits). If there’s an upcoming party to decorate, this place has a huge selection of streamers, party favors, and more, so don’t count it out. It might be well worth the trek out of town.

Party Fiesta
Colombo Shopping, Av. Lusíada, Colégio Militar
+351 217 151 566, website
Daily, 10h – 24h
They’ve got costumes of all shapes and sizes and ample room to show them off. A stormtrooper welcomes you through the door, past the balloon station, and into a world of colorful glasses, racks of hats and other accessories, and a very impressive wig section. Despite the size, the aisles can get packed around costume-centric holidays, but it’s open late, so chances are you’ll have it all to yourself an hour or two before closing.

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