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Why are Americans moving to Portugal? | The Portugal News

...and how many can we expect?

“Nobody can fail to notice the surge in interest in Portugal from the American market. This leads to the inevitable question, Why?” The Portugal News writes.

Interesting question indeed, because what a “market”!

Could it be the excellent English-language resources already available about moving to and living in Portugal, the friendly expat community that makes it pretty easy to find work even for someone with no qualifications whatsoever, or the food and drink prices that feel far more justified than what you find in the U.S. these days?

(One thing that’s probably NOT a draw: marijuana is indeed decriminalized in Portugal, but, unlike in much of the U.S., you can’t just waltz into a bodega, buy your latest designer bud in a dedicated joint holder, and light it up on the street. Well, you could probably light it up on the street, actually, but the police may have something to say about it.)

Whatever the reasons, be prepared for a lot more Americans in the Portuguese “market,” and apparently the beaches, too, thanks to headlines like these from the past month:

Sun and beach as you work? Portugal is latest with digital-nomad visa. | The Washington Post, Oct. 11

Portugal’s new digital nomad visa just made working remotely from a European beach easier | CNBC, Oct. 10

Americans Moving To Europe: Portugal Still Top Place For Expats Despite Restrictions | Forbes, Sept. 20

These are the 10 safest countries for digital nomads—and the U.S. isn’t one of them | CNBC, Sept. 13

Portugal is launching its ‘digital nomad visa’ on October 30. Here are 9 other programs open to remote workers who make less than $3,000 a month. | Business Insider, Sept. 6


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